The main function of surface aerator is to provide an artificial aeration to promote biological oxidation of wastewaters. Generally surface aerator is use holding or treatment pond. They all have in common to biotreat the pollutants in wastewaters the use of oxygen and microbial action. In a surface-aerated system, the aerators provide 2 functions: it transfers air into the basins required by the biological oxidation reactions and provided the mixing required for dispersing the air and for contacting the reactants (that is, oxygen, wastewater and microbes). Typically, the floating surface aerators are rated to deliver the amount of air equivalent to 10kg/hr.


Drive will use with TRANSMAX Helical Gear Motor. The floating support (pontoons) is specially fabricated with Stainless Steel 304 and also Electric Motor Casing for Protection. The Impeller is specially made with Stainless Steel 304 for Anti-Corrosion purposes.


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